Denise Lee Onstage is happy to be partnering with Fair Park again for the 2016/17 season to present the best in Cabaret entertainment.  After the HUGE success of the 1st Dallas Cabaret Festival in July, we were going to be hard pressed to to that!  But we’ve just completed booking the talent for the regular season and have almost all of the acts for the 2nd Annual Dallas Cabaret Festival!!  There will be a press announcement with the line up soon but I’ll tell you now to go ahead and lock down the 4th Tuesday of the month from January to June!   And while you’re at it, block off the 3rd Tuesday as well because we will be continuing with Cabaret Tuesdays at Two Corks and a Bottle!!!  Full schedule coming soon.  So as you can see, I’m keeping pretty busy!!!

Coming soon, I’ll be adding a new tab to my website.  It will be labled “Change the Perceptions’ Community Conversation”.  This is a new community outreach program I plan to start as we continue with the Conversations.  Thanks again to the Dallas Children’s Theater for allowing us to use their space for these important gatherings.

So if you’re just stopping by and not on the email list, please sign up.  I’ve got lots more stuff coming up & I don’t want you to miss it.  I couldn’t do this without YOU!!  Blessings & Love