Now that Rapunzel is over, what do I do now?  That’s the question most actors ask.  Usually we ask BEFORE the last show is closed in order to keep the flow going.  Right now, there are a handful of private gigs, a few public and church gigs and, of course, Cabaret shows!!  The next one will be on Tuesday, November 11.  I will be reviving a show I did years ago.  Once with Patrick Amos & once with Gary Floyd.  This time I will be taking the solo route while performing ‘Sophisticated Misbehavin'” – The Music of Ellington & Waller.  I’ll be joined by the incredible Norman Williams on piano Lots of great music and lots of cool stories!!!  I hope you’ll be there.   I’ll also be better about keeping my site updated.  Thank you for just checkin’ in!!

S&M postcardIMG_2261