I am so excited about ALL of the news and shows and plays and music coming through I could just BURST! Feel free to browse the website to see all of the great entertainment coming your way. Also, check out the Change The Perception website and join the mailing list to be the first to know the BIG NEWS that’s coming this year! And to top it off, I am honored to announce that I have been selected to receive the prestigious Cathedral of Hope – 2019 Hero of Hope Award on Saturday, August 24th. I hope you will save the date and share in what we all do to serve our Community. I could not do any of this without the help of some wonderful people. There will be a full post on all of that later but my gratitude cannot be measured. I hope you will check out everything happening and will spend some time with us. Whether it’s at the Cabaret, the Concert, the Theater or in Conversation!!